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Former Djurtus Skipper Bocundji Cá Target Guinea-Bissau FA Presidency

Former Guinea-Bissau captain Bocundji Cá has hinted at contesting for the Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau presidency seat.

Former Guinea-Bissau captain Bocundji Cá has hinted at contesting for the Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau presidency seat.

According to the former Bastai and Nancy ace, he has gathered valuable knowledge along his career and possesses qualities that will benefit the Guinea-Bissau game.

The 33-year-old added that there will come a period in the near future where the game of football in Guinea-Bissau will be heavily governed by former players.

“Football will grow in the country only when we have leaders who know football because it is unacceptable to have the leaders who can’t and don’t even know how to copy what is good in other countries,” said the former captain as translated from Portuguese.

Elections to appoint officials at the Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau, currently headed by Manuel Lopez, are scheduled for October this year.

Bocundji Cá is one of Guinea-Bissau most recognizable international soccer players and his face adorns billboards across the country endorsing companies.

Bocundji Cá played 27 times for the West African nation and scored two goals spanning a six-year international career.

The Djurtus, under Baciro Cande, were involved in the last year’s Africa Cup of Nations, where they exited in the group stages of the competition.

The Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau is expected to set a date in October when the presidential elections will be contested.


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