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Why Eumeu Sene will Snatch the Crown off Bombardier’s Grasp

Eumeu has managed to establish himself into one of the finest and the arena’s most dreaded fighters.

It’s not something expected but we could come to believing it happening.

Eumeu Sene is one of the remaining veterans of the field. He has been in the arena since 1998. Under Mohamed Ndao Tyson’s tutelage, he gained respect in the traditional sport and was tipped to become Club Bul Faleeh’s juggernaut when his mentor Tyson had retired. That didn’t occur after he, in a fit anger, matched out of the wrestling club –one of the best at the time –to establish his own, club Tay Singer.

Dispute over handling of his finances with one of the top brasses of his former club prompted Sene’s exit of the Dakar-based outfit. The break in bond occurred in 2012 attracting immense scrutiny and publicity.

Six years on, Eumeu has managed to establish himself into one of the finest and the arena’s most dreaded fighters.

In a sport littered with tall figures, Eumeu doesn’t fidget when he comes across an opponent of that such mammoth traits. His comprehensive routing of Balla Gaye, the first in 2009 and the second in 2015, makes a strong case for this. To this day, that defeat remains the most embarrassing for former king of Arena Gaye, who’s, arguably, the most supported across West Africa.

The Pikine-based star is not an unknown in the art but his career actually took a turn for the best after that win. He peppered Balla Gaye with blows. Eumeu then pinned his adversary down and administered a succession of eleven further punches on Balla’s face, prompting the referee to halt the game and declare him winner. This set up his meeting with Bombardier, the current king of the game. Saturday will be the day and there’s no adjourning of it. So much has been said because the clash calls for it.

But the question on everyone’s lips is how Eumeu will beat 41-year-old Bombarider christened Serigne Dia, the heaviest man in the sport. That is possible but it comes with a severe risk. Dia humbled the most stylist wrestlers Modou Lo and Balla Gaye. Both have enough clue of Bombardier’s blow weight. But Eumeu, it is strongly believed, could survive it if he applies rapidity in all his undertakings against the Mbour-based champion.

Photo: Eumeu Sene pins down Balla Gaye, the fight that earned him respect in the sport

Photo: Eumeu Sene pins down Balla Gaye, the fight that earned him respect in the sport

Forget about how he was subdued by Modou Lo in a jaw-dropping fashion. Sene has a tendency of thriving on occasions he’s the least expected to make gains. His rematch win against Gris Bordeaux is a reference. Battered and bruised, Eumeu’s never say die attitude in the end paid off. He kept raining punches on Gris until he staggered backwards resulting to the arbiter parting the two. Before that, the pair crashed out of the sacks and had to be brought back. Bloodstain is the feeling that overshadows at recollection of what transpired on that night. The Pikine-born lost in their first fight and saw it only fitting to win in the rematch against Gris of Club Fass. This, he managed. The referee blew for resumption of the match. With his upper eyelid plastered, Sene charged again and a grappling ensued before he tucked his leg against Gris as his opponent went falling back first in the sands.

However, it is worth mentioning Bombardier is no Gris Bordeaux. Hitting his opponent in the face and retreating occasionally will best fit Eumeu if claiming the prize is his priority. If however, the two grapple, many analysts believe, it will be to Bombardier’s advantage.

Bombarider has grown more matured since snatching the crown from Gaye in 2014. His cautious movements and attacks are all calculated. Many are yet to see Bombardier getting attacked from behind perhaps Eumeu could take his foe by surprise by walking from behind him and only then will he do his region and legion of fans proud.

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