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Why Bombardier Will Beat Eumeu Sene to Retain Senegalese King of Arena Crown

Bomabardier –the heaviest and most powerful man of the sport –chances of Pikine-based Sene coming out of today’s fight unscathed are minimal.

There is so much talk about today’s fight but the crown has only one direction –Mbour, Bombardier’s home town.

There is no denying that Eumeu Sene is a champion in the class of being a star wrestler in the Senegalese arena. But in an opponent in Bomabardier –the heaviest and most powerful man of the sport –chances of Pikine-based Sene coming out of today’s fight unscathed are minimal if not non-existent, according to many.

Also referred to as B-52, Bombardier is not king of the fast-growing sport without a reason. He humbled the most respected stars the current generation has to offer who, also, boasts of a far better grading than Eumeu.

A fisherman by profession, Serigne Ousmane Dia is today the most sought-after athlete in the sport yet only few would dare cross his path and those who did, have had sorry tales to tell.

How he returned to relevance by subduing Balla Gaye in 2014, whose hands he snatched the crown from, to this moment continues to shock many.

He packaged Guediawaye-born Gaye in a combat lasting no more than three minutes. Prior to that, he bit the dust to Tapha Tine whom Gaye routed in a four minute duel. That defeat, six years to now, has merely been a source inspiration in Bombarider’s yearn for glory.

Photo: Bombardier’s attacks to humble Modou Lo

Photo: Bombardier’s attacks to humble Modou Lo

In the times he’d claimed the title, he has always been the underdog. The clash against Mohamed Ndao Tyson speak volumes. Though he later lost it to Yekini, he put his career back on track beginning in 2014 when he went from a punching bag to the man who delivers the shots.

His win against Balla was followed by another impressive outing against Modou Lo of Club Rock Energie –his second victim and triumph in a row. Before this encounter, Modou had trounced Eumeu in a mothering showdown that confirmed Lo’s inimitable ingenuity in strenuous tussles.

Millions will be watching how events get to unfold on Saturday as Dia comes out to defend his crown for the second time but against Eumeu Sene – a star who’s yet to come any close to the staked prize in a near two decade career.

Bombardier is tipped the favourite in the melee despite last competing in the arena two years ago. He has made up for that gap by engaging in an MMA battle with compatriot Rocky Balbao in May.

His adversary over the weekend isn’t expected, according to studies by bookmarkers, to pose any meaningful danger to Bombardier.

B-52 has a fierce punch and destabilizes his opponent each time he’s on a full scale attack. Over the past four years, he has changed his fighting pattern for good and the rewards are unprecedented. Giving his weight, he moves at a snail pace exercising circumspection more than usual.

Eumeu Sene, on account of his diminutive figure will hit and spring into a retreat as his game plan into the fight but a grapple ensuing should favour Bombardier more.

Meticulous repeat of his Modou Lo display against Eumeu Sene should be enough to guarantee him retention of the trophy.

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