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Victor Oladipo Gets It Between the Legs From a 12-year-old

Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard Victor Oladipo, laid an egg after he was schooled between the legs by a 12-year-old at his own kids’ camp held in Indianapolis, aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

Known as the nutmeg dribble, Oladipo reportedly at the first day of camp, played a bit of one-on-one with the participating kids, but this particular one had other plans for the star – he had his fundamentals in check, alright.

Regardless of the status quo, K.J. Wyndham as shown in the video, was up for the challenge, pulling off a sleek bounce between the NBA guard’s legs, to go for the oh-you-did-not-just-do-that finish and leaving the 25-year-old staring at destruction.


Of course, the internet was at its usual best, lurking in the dark and waiting to get that egg an honorable hatch. But then again, who wouldn’t? It’s Oladipo laying a nice golden goose egg for the most part, the kids to have a piece of.



On the other hand, the OKC guard was owed gratitude for putting a human touch to this unlike the usual “NBA stars dunking on children” and instead became “children cooking NBA stars.”


You can see why this is all quite a lot to take in.


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