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Unbelievable Eumeu Sene this evening shocked the world to beat defending Senegalese arena king BombardieBLE: Eumeu Sene Shocks Bombardier to Grab Senegalese Crown

Eumeu Sene this evening shocked the world to beat defending Senegalese arena king Bombardier.

In a combat lasting barely two minutes, the Pikine-based wrestler pinned down Bombardier who went crashing on all fours.

At whistle of start by the arbiter, the two closed ranks and went into a 30-second hand-swinging before the referee applied the brakes to the proceedings.

Bombardier flew into an attack at resumption of fight which 39-year-old Eumeu Sene returned with knee interest, catching his adversary’s face a bit.

As anxiety gripped the packed stadium, Bombardier kept surging forward and his last punch landed on Sene’s face causing his opponent into a momentary retreat.

Knowing his opposition’s heavyweight mass, Eumeu –christened Mamdou Ngom –dived in giving Bombardier impression of going for his leg before calculatedly retreating.

Bombardier fell for it, the defending champion sprang on Eumeu who rapidly repositioned himself as Bombardier, dubbed B-52, went crashing first on all fours.

Determined to not let go, Sene still grabbed his adversary’s smalls from behind before pinning him down amid tumultuous celebrations.

Tv replays show Bombardier had gone on all fours thrice.

Holding his staff to his right and the crown fitted to his head, aftermath of the encounter meant dawn of a new era and the crowning of a new king in the multi-million worth traditional Senegalese sport.

Ngom has been the underdog going into the duel, leaving many fans fainting in disbelief and gobsmacked following his win over Seign Ousmane Dia.


Featured Photo: Eumeu Sene –The new king of Senegalese wrestling


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