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Senegalese Arena: Wrestler Lac II Demands Millions to Fight Boy-Niang

Senegalese wrestler Lac II Guier has shunned the 55 million CFA offered to him to fight Boy Niang, demanding millions more.

The two have been linked to face off since Lac’s defeat to Modou Lo on warnings four months ago.

Mouhamed Ali, Lac’s representative, revealed this week that the Guediawaye-based wrestler has rejected an unnamed promoter’s 55 million CFA proposal to wrestle with Pikine-based Boy Niang but says talks are on, with offers coming his wrestler’s way often.

“Indeed, the negotiations have resumed. I keep getting offers. A promoter offered me 55 million FCFA. We have not yet reached an agreement because we want him to make a little more effort before accepting to face Boy Niang 2,” Ali, an erstwhile wrestler and Lac de Guier’s deal-broker, says.

Boy Niang is Guediawaye region’s biggest headache. First, he walloped Gouye Gui before taunting former king of Arena Balla Gaye, challenging him to a fight.

lac0guier-2Being an A-list wrestler, Gaye had asked Niang to instead fight his sibling Sa Thies whom he shares division two with.

Niang took barely two minutes to send Sa Thies packing, one of the most dreaded wrestlers in the second tier, and now has his sights on Lac de Guier, Balla’s childhood friend who is also an A-list combatant.

Boy hopes to use his fight with Lac as a stepping stone to make his dream fight with Balla Gaye an inevitable meeting.

Lac has been serving a one-year ban imposed on him by the sport’s organizing committee after he labeled them ‘thieves’ and accused the setup of siding with his opponent Modou Lo.

The wrestling body, in turn, deducted seven million CFA out of his prize money as punishment along with a suspension for rest of the season – a verdict long rescinded by the wrestling federation on the heels of wrestlers’ decision to publicly oppose the ruling.

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