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Senegalese Wrestler Tapha Tine Considering MMA Switch

Senegalese heavyweight wrestler Tapha Tine is considering taking part in a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Senegalese heavyweight wrestler Tapha Tine reveals he’s considering taking part in a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Based in Baol, situated at the heart of Senegal, Tapha made public his intentions this weekend.

Tine has been inactive since his triumph over Yekini Jr in January this year–the first combat of the now closed wrestling season.

He hopes to make up for the six months absence in the arena by taking on one of the big names in the cage possibly next month.

The Club Baol juggernaut wasn’t specific on which fighter he’s in talks with for the MMA duel but says he’s been taught the sport for over a month now.

He’s an unknown in the cage and wants to make his presence felt which will see him follow in the foot tracks of deposed arena king Bombardier, who became the first Senegalese traditional wrestler to partake in an MMA clash.

At home in Dakar, the 32-year-old openly called out newly crowned champion Eumeu Sene as he has his sights on the arena prize.

Prior to this, Tapha –one of the most feared boxers of the game –was linked to fight Modou Lo.

tapha-tine2Negotiations have been ongoing but the process was cut short in its tracks after Parselles-based Lo opted out of the deal arguing he never discussed taking on Tapha Tine with the event proposed promoter whose payment he’d already taken then.

Star attraction of Club Rock Energie, Modou’s representatives insist the payment was accepted because they were made to believe their athlete would be fighting Balla Gaye in a rematch after their first meeting in nine years.

It was not until a warrant from a lower court in Dakar urging Lo to return the sum that the saga was settled.

Tine remains the most discussed man this moment with a blizzard of possible opponents.

A rematch with Balla Gaye, a tussle with Gris Bordeaux including a meeting with Lac de Guier II have all been rumoured.

His success in MMA will surely fire up the remaining Senegalese wrestlers to embrace the kick-boxing sport.

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