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Second African boxer arrested for sexual assault at the Olympic village in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO — Namibia’s flag-bearer and boxer, Jonas Junis has been arrested for sexually assaulting a housekeeper at the athletes’ village. According to a report in USA Today, Junis was accused by a maid of grabbing her, kissing her forcefully, and then offering her money to have sexual relations with him.

Jonas Junis, 22 is currently being held at the Bangu prison complex in Rio waiting for his hearing.

This is the second time that a boxer has been accused of sexually assaulting a maid in Rio. Moroccan boxer, Hassan Saada who is also a 22-year-old boxer is currently behind bar for sexually harassing two housekeepers in the Olympic Village.

According to report, Saada called the two women to his room under the pretense of seeking direction and then grabbed them by the legs and chest in the presence of two athletes. Saada will miss his scheduled bout on Saturday against Turkey’s Mehmet Nadir Unal after the judge ordered he be held behind bar for 15 days.


Hassan Saada has been arrested for allegedly sexually harassing two female cleaners in the Olympic Village.


Featured Photo: Courtesy of  Pedro Ugarte/AFP

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