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Referee Assaulted In Zambian Women Super League Game

Match officials of a Zambia Women Super League game between Nkana Queens and ZISD Women FC were assaulted after the fixture on Sunday, viral social media videos have shown.

The central referee, her assistants and the fourth official were the victims on the day, the top-tier match having ended in a 1-0 win for ZISD Women FC at Old Independence Stadium.

According to reports, Nkana Queens players were unhappy by the referees’ performance and angrily vented their anger for perceived unfair officiating.

Viral social media videos showed the helpless officials mobbed by Nkana Queens players who did not hold back in launching a physical assault, leaving the officials bloody and bruised.

An unnamed official from Nkana Queens told reporters that she expects harsh punishment from Football Association of Zambia.

“The situation after the game was not good, the players were angered by most of the referee decisions and that is why they reacted like that,” the official explained.

“The referee later promised to give all the details to FAZ and I am sure the club will be fined and banned, I don’t think FAZ is going to spare us, we have to wait and see but the referee was not happy after the game.

“The worst part is the referee also picked out on individual players, who attacked him, and it means the players will also be punished individually while the club will also face their own wrath.”

Nkana currently sits bottom of the log on three points while ZISD is just four points above Nkana on position 13.

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