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Prince Sannah Emerges as BYC Future Star From Academy


Ranked among the few soccer academies in Liberia that seeks to educate young and talented kids in the game of soccer and help parents in the up-bringing of their kids with good moral discipline, Cece United Football Academy in central Monrovia offers all its services free to promising kids.

The academy program targets ages 6-15 years and currently consists of more than 90 school-going talented kids in Monrovia and various communities around Liberia.

In 2013; just one year after it was established, the academy recruited several talented players to add to its few players. Among those talented kids was a 13-year-old talented kid, Prince Sannah. Sannah is one of many Liberians kids that live in vulnerable community and are exposed to dangers of society. Sannah was fortunate to have been recruited by CUFA. During one of the Academy’s test matches at the home ground of Liberia’s 2015/2016 1st division championship champions Barrack Young Controllers (BYC), the Blue Field, the exceptional qualities and skills of  CUFA newly recruited player, Sannah could not go unnoticed.

The skills, ball control and passing accuracy  and self-confidence exercised by player Sannah among top players in the first division was deemed promising enough to sign a deal with the academy for the young talent as a future player of BYC after few months as a new academy player.  At the age of 13 in junior high, the academy and BYC entered into an agreement for the youngster’s education fees to be paid by the club from the junior high level (8th grade) to the end of his primary education.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”As a young kid with lots of promising skills we at CUFA saw it necessary to bring him on board as one of our talented academy’s players.  Prince Sannah is one of our players that have the mind of the game and has always being focus on the game and his education, because we also place strong emphasizes on education.”[/perfectpullquote]

“He is one of our best players that top clubs came negotiating for, but BYC was the luckiest enter the deal with us. His education was a priority in the deal, CUFA President Paywala Janyan said. “He always made the difference in the midfield with his technical speed on the ball, and his creativity.”

Sannah’s performance as a midfielder duty-bound to create chances and distribute balls across is something that his teammates are aware of. One of those teammates that receive the highest passes on team is skipper Tony Shilley who tops the score chat for the U17 side of the academy.

“He is one of my teammates that I admire playing alongside. We all play together as a team to get the best results and Sannah’s style of play and his impact in our games continue to contribute to the progress of our team.”

“Being a center-midfielder, he understands our styles of play, and always makes the ball available when he sees us creating space for ourselves, he is a complete midfielder,” CUFA U17 captain Tony Shilley said.

In the ongoing Montserrado County community league playoffs, the 17-year-old continues to impress his future club, Barrack Young Controllers. Having helped his team qualified to the group stage of the playoff, the crafty midfielder netted his first goal in the group stage after slotting home the final goal in his side’s 3-1 victory over Zanthy FC. Eventually, Cece United U17 advanced to the last 16 of the competition on a goal difference after winning one, drawing one and losing one in their three group stage matches.

Sannah also made his impact fled on the pitch over the weekend after United advanced to the quarterfinals of the competition with a thrilling 6-0 victory over Villa FC at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium. The BYC future star opened the score sheet and later completed his brace in the first half to set the pace for his team’s last four goals.


Feature Photo: Anthony Kokoi/Ducor Sports

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