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Faith or No Faith – Mayweather Promotions’s Sharif Bogere is Looking for Change

Some call it the hand of faith, but whatever it is; it was the excuse that Uganda’s last remaining prolific boxer, Sharif Bogere used to change his life, recently.

According to the Daily Monitor, two weeks ago, in a short statement, he told his long-standing trainer, Kenny Adams, that they would be parting ways, after an eight-year stint. Adams, Las Vegas, Nevada Hall of Famer, has been with Bogere since 2008.

As per the report, the two were seen as the perfect team of trainer and boxer until a fortnight ago. The two have had tremendous chemistry and would most times be seen having jokes during training.

Further, Kenny admits that the two made a good team but failed to compromise on Bogere’s unstinting commitment to Islam.

“His religious schedule interferes with my training program,” Adam said, of Bogere’s insistence on breaking up training routines to make time for the regular praying patterns observed by Muslims worldwide.

Bogere, who stays in Las Vegas, says the same of his trainer. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Adam was a great trainer, but he didn’t understand my religious beliefs. He would get mad every other time I went for prayers to the mosque,”[/perfectpullquote]

Bogere says.

However, according to Alex Jimmy, who has managed Bogere since he turned pro eight years ago, the issue of religion is a cover up. “He has lost almost every good boxer because of his attitude. Adam’s tactics were not allowing Bogere to be the boxer he wants to be.”

Jimmy says Bogere has already secured the services of another hall of fame trainer, Thell Torrence, who is not very different from Adams. Jimmy believes Torrence and Bogere are already working on his upcoming fight on September 16th.

Torrence is a decorated trainer, who has produced ten world champions, including former heavyweight boxer, Riddick Bowe. “I have done well with heavy weights,” said Torrence, “Bogere is a lower weight, but he has the mentality of a winner. He is hard working, and that motivates me. He has a lot of ability to a great boxer.”

For now, Bogere insists that it was his insistence on faith. Others think Bogere wants a better chance at winning a world title. Only time will tell if the boxer was right.

Earlier this year, Bogere was signed by Mayweather Promotions.


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