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Wrestler Faints on Senegal Independence Day Celebration Fight

Senegal’s 57-year Independence Day anniversary was marred by a serious incident of a wrestler black out. Zoss, a renowned wrestler, was left requiring treatment after sustaining a serious blow.

The Dakar-based wrestler fainted after getting routed by opponent Siteu in a grand combat, part of events marking the French-speaking country’s Independence Day.

Senegal, like Gambia, allows fist-fighting in wrestling and Zoss versus Siteu was the grand combat with six other undercard duels.

The multi-million sport which is highly followed rakes up millions of views across the world.

The build-up to the fight hasn’t been as heated as hoped with both opponents according one another respect during the two-legged face-to-face held in Gambia and Senegal.

Zoss, the more experienced of the two, has been tipped to struggle against a fast-rising and young Siteu. However, the tables turned and viewers were left shocked when Zoss got battered resulting to him fainting.

A towering Siteu charged toward his opponent from the moment the match was whistled off forcing an under pressure Zoss into a retreat. This emboldened Siteu. Zoss, shorter than his adversary of the night, would throw in few punches but none landed.

Siteu closed in before letting fly a perfect right-hander on his opponent’s head who appeared caught off guard, resulting in Zoss falling face down and passing out.

Shockingly enough, the victorious Siteu made no attempt to help his routed victim as Zoss lay unconscious in the sands.

The knockout blow is being dubbed in the Senegalese press as the best since the commencement of the new wrestling season in March.

Zoss was later revived by medics who arrived a minute late as thousands of jubilant supporters poured onto the arena.



Featured photo: Sulayman Bah

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