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We Will Not Shut Up and Fill-in-the-Blank

#Wewillnotshutupanddribble, what a hashtag, and yet another sign of the times. This time, it was Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, who, in response to LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s recent criticism of President Trump, attempted to dismiss their opinions by saying, “Shut up and dribble.”

Not only were her comments dismissive, rude, and racist — lest she forgot, we all have freedom of speech and with that the freedom to voice differing opinions, even if they’re critical of the Commander-in-Chief — she attempted to paint LeBron James as a negative role model, saying that there might be a “cautionary lesson in LeBron for kids.” Really? Because he left school early to play in the NBA? And become mighty successful, we might add. Thus, the man lacks the credentials to comment on politics?

Though some have called her comments racist, Ingraham herself noted that she’s used “shut up and sing,” “shut up and make us laugh,” and similar variations of the comment when criticizing the comments of other celebrities like Barbara Streisand, the Dixie Chicks, and Jimmy Kimmel.

In any case, we’re all entitled to our opinions, and we’re not going to shut up and dribble, sing, tell jokes, or whatever else Laura Ingraham thinks we should limit ourselves to doing.

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