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Uganda FA President Moses Magogo Secures Third Term In Unopposed Election

Moses Magogo has been re-elected unopposed as the president of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

The 44-year-old politician, who succeeded Lawrence Mulindwa as FUFA president in 2013, has now won a third term of office that will come to an end in 2025.

Confirmation of his re-election came at the 97th FUFA Ordinary General Assembly that was held in eastern town of Mbale.

There has been a criticism of how the nomination process was handled after the other two aspirants failed to meet the prerequisite requirements.

However, the Fufa Electoral Committee went on with the elections after rejecting candidature of Proline Academy director Mujib Kasule and Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana.

By retaining the Fufa presidency, Magogo becomes the longest-serving Fufa president, surpassing the body’s first leader, Kabaka Daudi Chwa, who reigned for 10 years.

Magogo told delegates:“Thank you yet again for another opportunity. It is an emotional moment knowing how far we have come. The next four years will definitely be about consolidating what we have achieved so far and igniting the next gear.

“The leadership at FUFA is driven by the desire to deliver football to all stakeholders irrespective of any prevailing situations.

“The past two terms of our administration have witnessed evolution of the game both on and off the field in terms of delivery at administrative, management and technical levels. History has been written and tears of joy have been witnessed.”

Magogo has delivered most of his pledges before the third election, especially in the fields of governance, football development, infrastructure, communication, Finance and Administration plus Membership.

Also there has been improvements in the national team performances, better organization of local competitions, growth of women’s football and increase in revenue streams.

Before he was voted for the first term in August 2013, Magogo, who is a former employee of Africa Development Bank, served as the Federation’s Vice President,in charge of administration.

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