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Tough Times for Tunisian Clubs After FIFA’s New Rule Over Players Contract Termination

Tunisian clubs risk facing torrid times following FIFA new rule reducing number of months for a player to terminate his contract.

In a communiqué dispatched yesterday, the Lausanne-based institution said players could go ahead and terminate their contracts if their clubs fail to pay them for three months.

The decision comes after the World football governing body received an unprecedented amount of complaints from footballers across the globe over the non-payment of their wages.

In Africa, Tunisian clubs have the highest number of complaints lodged against them by players.

So rampant is the phenomenon that players have now resorted to staging sit-down strikes in a bid to force board members to settle their earnings.

Domestic club AS Gabes is the latest of a raft of clubs whose players are on a protest.

Numerous negotiations between players and the board to find a common ground having been held with little success.


Featured Photo: Club Africain

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