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Senegal’s King of Arena Threatens to Quit Fight

Senegalese King of Arena Serign Ousmane Dia, dubbed Bombardier, has threatened to opt out of his fight with Eumeu Sene if the combat is postponed beyond December 2017.

The duo’s wrestling contest was first billed for this month before July’s tragic Stadium stampede led to the indefinite postponement of the fight.

Three weeks ago, October was mentioned as a possible month for the fight to be held before promoter of the combat summoned the two wrestlers to pick December 25th as the date for their faceoff.

However, reports, mainly from the grapevine, suggest there might be a possible shifting of the duel again in a bid by the promoter to rake up more profits through sponsors.

Against this backdrop, Bombardier who is the Senegalese arena’s title holder, came out publicly this week to warn that he won’t be fighting if the clash is pushed beyond December.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I (have) commented on the dates so much so that I have lost count. The new date of December 25 will be the last. We renegotiated the contract and it is well written in black and white that it will be December 25. If it exceeds this, I will look at other offers,”[/perfectpullquote]

Dia, who last competed in 2015, said.

His opponent Eumeu Sene, who routed a much revered Balla Gaye II, also spoke with a similar tone, saying he might as well decide against going ahead with the fight if the event organizer chooses not to stick to the agreed December 25th day.

“As you can all see, it’s a fight that is dragging for too long. We (wrestlers and the promoter) discussed and agreed on a crystal clear conclusion. It’s very hard for us (the wrestlers). What I have spent in my preparations in terms of money exceeds what the promoter gave me.

“I hope that each party will respect its word and I want the fight to take place on December 25th. I will not fight beyond December 25.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“The preparation of a fight requires a great deal of sacrifice as we have no more activity than training. It’s like being in prison. So the more it drags, the worse it gets for us,”[/perfectpullquote]

Sene said.

He is hoping to lay his hands on the Rois de Arene (King of Arena) crown and has been trailing defending champion Mbour-based Dia all season for the fight to happen.

Bombardier snatched the crown off Balla Gaye’s grips in 2014 in a showdown which lasted barely two minutes. He would go onto defend it against a much hyped Modou Lo six months later, pinning the Parcel-born down before sending him falling on his back.

The biggest amongst the 10-plus A-list wrestlers in the arena, Bombardier is in his second stint as a champion after first wearing the crown in 2003 against Mohammed Ndao Tyson – a man credited for the sport’s rapid transformation into a multi-million discipline.



Featured Photo: Sulayman Bah Courtesy of Ducorsports

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