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Senegalese Wrestling: Eumeu Sene Denies Rumors of Hospitalization

Deposed king of the Senegalese arena Eumeu Sene has denied being admitted to hospital, Ducor Sports can report.

Deposed king of the Senegalese arena Eumeu Sene has denied being admitted to hospital, Ducor Sports can report.

The Pikine-based star and leader of the Tay Shinger Club was knocked out last Sunday in a brutal fashion.

His new successor Modou Lo unleashed two fatal blows which landed on Eumeu’s head and jaw as he went falling face down in the sands.

His entourage and medics rushed to his aid removing his mouth pad as he lay in the centre circle unconscious.

The 41-year-old was then helped to his feet in which it was claimed he was later sped to hospital –a thing he denies.

“I want to reassure everyone, I’m doing very well thanks to God. I do not feel any pain and I am not in the hospital as some rumours say. I am at home and I am very well,” he says, speaking for the first time on Tuesday following the incident.

“Coming to the stadium I did not think the fight was going to end that way, but it’s a sport. I congratulate Modou Lo and all the plots for this victory and I pray for him. At first, I did not know what had happened. I asked my brother he explained that I got knocked out and I understood that it is part of the game,” he said, not disclosing who he faces next.

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