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Senegalese Police Investigating Wrestling Fan’s Fatal Killing

Police in Senegal is probing the fatal death of a wrestling fan who is reported to have been stabbed multiple times.

27-year-old Khalifa Ndiaye, was brutally knifed before the assailant robbed him of 50,000 CFA who according to police in Dakar, is yet to be identified.

The incident occurred in Senegal’s administrative capital of Dakar, hours after Modou Lo and Lac de Guier wrapped up a televised mandatory face-to-face pre-fight campaign. A fight broke out later between rival supporters of the wrestling stars.

The wrestlers are due to combat on July 16th, 2017 at Senegal’s traditional wrestling venue, Stade Demba Diop with each going into the duel carrying previous wins.

Modou Lo beat Gris Bordeaux while Lac de Guier thumped former King of Arena Yekini, Yakhya Diop, who later had to retire. The two first met five years ago which ended in a draw.



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