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Senegal: Football Fan Stabbed, in Critical Condition

A fan in Senegal is fighting for his life after being stabbed in a regional football game in Dakar.

Papa Diaw had a knife stuck in his back in an unprovoked attack in a tense opening encounter.

The victim got stabbed in a match marred by stone-pelting during a fierce local derby featuring Gouye Salane and Fass Delome at the Ibar Mar Diop stadium.

Security personnel fired tear gas to disperse the agitated crowd as several others passed out.

Donning a white underwear and all bloodied, Diaw had to be rushed to hospital where he is believed to be in critical condition.

This is not the first time Senegalese football is being marred by crowd trouble.

July last year, a top wrestling game between Modou Lo and Lac de Guier II had to be put off hours before the duel after violence marred a local league game in which at least eight people died as part of the stadium collapsed.

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