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Sam Nyamweya Has His ‘Guns’ Ready To Vie For Kenya FA Seat Again

Former Football Kenya Federation president Sam Nyamweya to contest in the upcoming federation polls against incumbent Nick Mwendwa.

Borrowing a line from Benji Mathews’ hit song “I want my seat back”, former Football Kenya Federation president Sam Nyamweya dropped the bombshell on Sunday that he will contest in the upcoming federation polls against incumbent Nick Mwendwa.

The Rangers Football Limited Chief Executive Officer emphasized he has been provoked beyond the limits to return to the post which he failed to defend in 2016 polls as Mwendwa emerged the winner.

“In a view of the foregoing and for the avoidance of doubt and with a true sense of humility, I Sam Nyamweya, offer myself for the candidature of the President of FKF in the soon upcoming elections once the COVID-19 pandemic is contained and upon resumption of normalcy in our activities and daily operations,” Nyamweya said in a statement obtained by Ducor Sports.

“I will be unveiling my team after consultation with our sub-branch officials who have been the engine to our success hitherto, progressive branch officials, our esteemed football clubs in KPL, NSL, Division One and Two. Clubs participating in the Women Premier League and all the stakeholders.”

The 63-year-old administrator who has been a strong critic of the current regime further added that once elected he will extend the contract between FKF and the Kenyan Premier League which expires later in the year for the sake of ‘stability and continuity’.

“My forthcoming leadership at FKF will extend the contract to run the top tier league with KPL for the sake of stability and continuity,” he added.

Nyamweya also vowed to work closely with all stakeholders including coaches and former footballers via their various associations to develop the beautiful game.

“I will continue consulting and engaging with the regional leaders in the nine distinct regions of FKF who have faithfully supported our shared aspirations and have been a source of strength and inspiration to my leadership now and in the past,” he continued.

“I will also be engaging with professionals and opinion leaders in the football industry and will remain committed and ready to lead FKF to great heights of development and success in the game of football.”

He also reminded the football lovers his achievements during his past regime, where many blamed him for ruining the beautiful game in the East African country.

“In the past, I did a well-respected job in bringing football to the highest level in the world,” Nyamweya added.

“Yes I made mistakes, but it is human to make errors and then learn from them. That learning will increase my vigour and fairness in the future.”

Nyamweya was elected the FKF president in 2011 but withdrew from the last polls at stoppage time leaving the incumbent Mwendwa, Semi Aina and long-serving Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier to muscle for the seat.

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