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Press Release – Kickstarter campaign for Ducor Sports

Ducor Sports Launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Games Data Analytics and Visualization Tool

African digital sports network seeks funding to develop predictive sports data analytics app

Lorton, Virginia – Ducor Sports just launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking financial support to develop its games data analytics and visualization tool. According to Ducor Sports’ founder and CEO, Francis Cordor, “This tool will empower African national team managers to better compete in FIFA.”

Cordor, a software engineer with extensive software development experience, values user-friendly design built on top of powerful technologies.

“The tool will analyze raw data uploaded from Excel spreadsheets and generate easy-to-understand visualizations from a simple dashboard operation,” he explained. “Coaches and managers won’t need advanced technical skills in order to obtain the insights needed to improve team and player performance.”

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, Ducor Sports is extending several enticing rewards to its supporters.

“We’re offering several tiers of rewards ranging from our sincere gratitude and one-, two-, three-, and five-year subscriptions to our premium plan with the sports analytics tool to social media shoutouts, podcast featured guest spots, and VIP listings on our contributors page,” Cordor explained. “We would love to see team managers back this project as the true rewards will materialize once they put this tool to use.”

About Ducor Sports

For African sports fans living in Africa or abroad, Ducor Sports provides real-time access to the latest sports news, events, and other happenings of interest. Unlike other sports networks in Africa focused on a single sport, Ducor Sports covers all of Africa’s favorite teams and players.

Ducor Sports’ upcoming games data analysis and visualization tool will provide the timely, relevant, objective, and easy-to-understand insights managers need to take action to improve team and player performance.

For More Information:

Games Data Analytics and Visualization Tool by Francis Cordor —Kickstarter

Francis Cordor

Founder and CEO of Ducor Sports


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