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Kelvin John: The 15-year-old Carrying the Hopes of 57 Million Tanzanians

A look at Kelvin John, the talented 15 year old making waves in the Tanzanian football scene.

When top agents hover around a player like a vulture would at the sight of a carcass, you’d expect the talent in question to be of exception quality.

Kelvin John is one talent who could leave fans mouth-gaped. With an inimitable brilliance complimented by pace and dribbling techniques, he is proving a thorn in the neck of defenses. With him patched in the ministry of attack, up against the most ruthless of backlines, one could but expect one thing –the ball must nestle to the back of the net.

In an era when performing youngsters below 18 are the target of ubiquitous agents, Kevin’s abilities stand apart. His displays in the recent Total Africa U-17 tournament have had over twenty scouts of various European clubs jetting to Dar-es-Salaam in the hope of swaying him.

John is a 15-year-old and the clubs know securing the services of an underage runs counter to laid down FIFA transfer rules hence the myriad of player development bids coming his way.

kelvin-john2A Swedish second tier outfit have offered to relocate the wunderkind‘s entire family to Stockholm and promised to put him through a two-year proper training. However, it will be difficult for the striker and his relatives to accept the unnamed Swedish side’s proposal in the face of the bombardment of interest from Anderlecht, Manchester City and Ajax.

Heads will be spinning on the heels of the sums being thrown at the starlet’s entourage and so there would be a temptation to nod to the suitor with the biggest offer. However, his guardians are not unaware that Kelvin’s football success, long term, takes a front-seat on the priority list.

“Kevin has the attributes of a true striker with speed, skills and finishing instinct,” one agent said.

If ever there is a rising star to take particular notice of in East Africa, John will be that.

kelvin-john3The watching world will get a full glimpse of what the buzz is all about him this June when the Africa Cup of Nations tees off in Egypt.

Evident of how far the lad has come up is Nigeria-born gaffer Emmanuel Amunike inclusion of him in his final squad for the AFCON and it will make for an interesting sight to see how he fares up against continental juggernauts like Senegal, Algeria including Kenya whom Tanzania share group C with.

Genk’s 20-goal Mbwana Ally Samatta is a confirmed player to watch for Tanzania but just do not be puzzled seeing him upstaged by this 15-year-old sensation.

Watch his clip here:

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