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In Senegalese Arena Saga: Wrestler Risks 2-year Ban for Labeling Federation Thieves

A wrestler risks being slapped with a 24-month suspension in Senegal for slamming the federation as gang of thieves.

Gris Bordeaux –dubbed the Tiger of capital-based club Fass – was among a raft of enraged wrestlers to this week launch a scathing attack on the federation.

But Bordeaux’s remarks are being considered past the limit by the sport governing body. Consequently, authorities at the wrestling committee are lining up cracking down on the aggrieved wrestlers beginning with Gris which could mean a two-year ban on him from all arena related activities.

The tempestuous relationship between wrestlers and the federation began in the aftermath of the Modou Lo-Lac de Guier II combat in March.

Lac who’s serving suspension for rest of the season for speaking ill of the federation, was fined seven million CFA.

The decision exasperated the arena triggering a joint effort by wrestlers to demand for a revision of the rules employed by the federation to impose fines and deduct wrestlers prize monies.

The situation has led to a stand-off and the country’s sports ministry warns the newly built wrestling stadium won’t be inaugurated if the current dispute isn’t resolved.

In a latest episode, the athletes are threatening boycotting the stadium inauguration scheduled for July if Gris Bordeaux is banned.


Featured Photo: Gris could get penalized for his remarks

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