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Egyptian Referees Allowed in Tunisia’s Premier League Matches

Tunisia’s Football Association allows Egyptian referees to officiate games in Tunis.

Tunisia’s Football Association has relaxed its rule of allowing only their own to officiate matches in the domestic league.

The decision was made today morning after stakeholders brainstormed and accepted the proposal in recent weeks.

The rule opens up the way for Egyptian referees to be assigned games in Tunis. This comes in effect following the Egyptian FA acceptance of the proposal along with its refereeing body.

Big matches featuring rival teams are rocked by allegations of bias officiating or to some extent bribery claims and this move is aimed at addressing these purported vices.

This does not, however, include arbiters in Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania or Libya.

The development is part of the Tunisian FA’s sweeping changes to improve their game and it comes only a week after they proposed granting local player status to all North African players in the Tunisian championship.

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