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Arsenal to “Explore” Ways of Helping Broke Former Defender Emmanuel Eboue

Arsenal have revealed they are exploring ways of helping their former defender Emmanuel Eboue after he revealed his riches to rugs plight.

The Ivory Coast International recently opened up about how he has been pushed to the brink of suicide after losing everything to his ex-wife in a bitter divorce.

Eboue who earned 1.5 million last year alone has been reduced from driving posh cars to hiding from bailiffs, sleeping on the floor at his friend’s homes, to even watching matches of his beloved Arsenal in pubs under disguise because he can’t afford a subscription.

The player not only lost all his assets but also contact with his daughters Clara, 14, and Maeva, 12 in the bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife Aurelie who was the major signatory of all their finances.

Last year alone, Eboue told Sports Mail that he sent almost all the money earned to his wife to take care of the children.

“In Turkey, I earned eight million euros. I sent seven million back home. Whatever she tells me to sign, I sign.”

After hearing the interview, Galatasaray boss Fatih Terim, who is a close friend to Eboue told CNN,

“We heard news about Eboue in the dressing room. I was informed there, we will do whatever we can to help my friend.”

The Turkish giants gave Eboue a chance to start over in Turkey as the Coach of their under-14 side but many were still disappointed Arsenal, who the player served faithfully between 2005-2011 didn’t intervene.

Sportsmail UK took it upon themselves and contacted Arsenal to see if the former employers were considering giving any assistance to their ex-defender. Through one of their spokespersons, the gunners responded saying,

“We are all so sorry to hear the reports about Manu’s recent difficulties and will explore whether we can help in any way.”

Eboue a devoted Arsenal fan will be glad to hear the news that his beloved club have not forsaken him when he needed them the most. Despite hoping to return to playing football one day, the 34-year-old will surely jump at a chance of working with his former club.

Eboue explained that he decided to tell his story to the world so that young footballers, mostly those from Africa could learn from his mistakes.

After opening up about his financial troubles, fans from all around the world started opening up about their past struggles on twitter to show their support for Eboue.

Supporters of Turkish heavy weights Galatasaray have come up with the hashtag “Yalinz Degilsin Eboue”, which translates as “you are not alone Eboue” using the platform to call on their team to come out and help their former defender.

Galatasaray club legends Hansan Sas’ and Necati Ates also joined in, launching a campaign to help the player after sharing touching messages on social media.

You can watch Ebeye’s heartwarming interview below.



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