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Tunisian FA Grants Local Player Status to North African Footballers

Tunisian FA to grant all footballers in domestic Tunisian clubs local player status.

The Tunisian Football Association has passed a verdict granting all footballers in domestic Tunisian clubs local player status, Ducor Sports understands.

The proposal was validated by stakeholders in a bid to save players transferring from within the region to the Tunisian professional championship the bureaucracy involved in moving teams.

This means Algeria, Egyptian, Moroccan, Libyan or Mauritanian players in the books of Tunisian clubs will cease to be considered foreign players.

The rule, to be forwarded to all North African country FAs for assessment, however, does not cover the West, South, East or Central part of Africa.

A meeting has been planned for September 29th in which suggestions of the concerned FAs will be subjected to review before the final implementation.

If successful, this will be a welcome gesture. However, it remains to be seen whether the East, West, South or Central part of Africa will contemplate embracing this idea.

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