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Senegal’s King of Arena Inks Mega Deal to Defend Title in an Anticipated Must-Watch Fight.

Senegal’s King of Arena, Bombardier, has penned a new contract confirming his fight with Eumeu Sene. Aziz Ndiaye, who was initially the promoter of the duel, incurred losses as a result of failing to secure a concrete date for the much anticipated battle.
The nullification of the wrestlers’ contract came at a time when the arena was being gripped by venue crisis which began with the renovation of the Stade Demba Diop.
During this torrid moment, Eumeu declared he‘d lost millions and incurred lot of expenses in preparations owing to the numerous reschedules of the combat.

Under pressure, representatives of both wrestlers gave an ultimatum to Aziz that the duel will have to be canceled if the event is not organised before December 25th 2017.
Consequently, the match had to be called off but a new promoter, Pape Galish, has stepped in to reignite the deal by tying the wrestlers to new agreements worth millions CFA for the fight to take place.



Pape Galish (back ground) is the latest fight promoter of the duel. (Image: Courtesy)

The two were unveiled on Saturday and talked tough ahead of their coming fight.
Eumeu, who goes into the clash with a stunning winner over former King of Arena Balla Gaye II in 2015, has his eyes on the crown.
Bombardier is looking to defend the title for the second time after securing it from Balla Gaye II in 2014, making this showdown a must-watch.
“Fans will see enough blows and free style come the day. I want the title to go to my hometown Pikine,” Eumeu Sene said.
Bombardier blasted back with a tongue-in-cheek statement, saying, [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I’m expecting a tough fight and I’m more than prepared for it. If he wants, we can have it at the very entrance of his house (referring to Eumeu). He has his eyes on the prize and I will stop him. I will uproot his waist for him.”[/perfectpullquote]



Bombardier (left) will finally be facing Eumeu Sene (right). (Image: Courtesy)

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