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Players at Tunisian Club Gabesien on Strike, Board Chairman Resigns

Unrest brewing at Tunisian club Stade Gabesein with players striking and the board chairman resigning.

Unrest is brewing at Tunisian premier league outfit Stade Gabesein after the club chairman Saber Jami resigned in the wake of a strike by players over unpaid wages.

The protest, in the form of a refusal to train reels in after only a game played in the Tunisian domestic championship.

The rebellious act, agreed upon by all players and staff, followed weeks of simmering tension after the group grew disillusioned over the board’s inability to cater for the team’s needs.

An issue of this nature is not uncommon in the Tunisian league. As a result, many players are forced to resort to suing their clubs to FIFA for action.

The Tunisian FA had to step in to save Athletique Bizerti days ago from incurring the wrath of FIFA who threatened to push the club to relegation having failed to settle former player, now Norway-based Nigeria-born midfielder Abubaker of his salary.

The crisis at Stade Gabesien is not walking that direction but there is genuine concern regarding the state of affairs of the team.

An emergency meeting was held over the weekend aimed at finding an amicable solution to the situation with eligible stakeholders already asked to file in nominations to begin the process of replacing the board’s chairman.

An election of some sort is being planned with an exact date for a congress meeting still to be announced.

The ongoing furor could potentially hamper the team’s general outlook with players adamant not to budge an inch from their stance until the wages owed to them are cleared.

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