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Orlando Pirates Cry Foul

Orlando Pirates have complained of poor treatment in Tanzania where they were humbled 1-0 by Simba SC during the first leg of the 2021/2022 African Confederation Cup  quarterfinal on Sunday at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Simba secured their win through a second-half penalty that was converted by Shomari Kapombe after midfielder Bernard Morrison was adjudged to have been fouled by Buccaneers skipper Happy Jele.

The result left the South Africa giants on the verge of elimination from the continental competition, and their coach Mandal Ncikazi has since lashed out to what he feels contributed to the disappointing result.

“Firstly, congratulations to the opponents. But let’s speak the truth, I don’t think we deserved to lose. One, as Africans let’s change this mentality that when opponents come to Tanzania you are so hostile to them that you treat them like animals. It’s so inhumane, everywhere we go, we’re treated so badly. This is a game of sport that should unite us but what you get here is hostility and the abuse,” said Ncikazi.

“Secondly, the rules are saying that we are going to use VAR, but VAR was not used today. Go check, the penalty that Simba got is not a penalty because our defender got to the ball first. Secondly, (Siphesihle) Ndlovu our player, before Simba got a penalty, we had a penalty, but it was not given. The referee didn’t have a decency to go and check the VAR. All of a sudden, the VAR was switched off. But why do Africans do this to other Africans? Do you really think that the hostility that we get when we come here, when Simba comes to South Africa should we treat them that way? Is that what you expect?

“And all of you here (Tanzania media) are going to lie and write lies, write the truth, Simba did not deserve to win. The penalty they got was not a penalty, the penalty we got was not given, VAR was not working. The treatment that we got from the stadium, from the hotel, from the airport, why do you do this as Africans to other Africans? Are we going to improve the football in our continent, and you are all proud that Simba won? They did not win, the referee made them win. You should be ashamed of yourselves as Africans.

“But listen to this, we’re going to treat Simba with decency when they come, we are going to show them what it is to be a true African by giving them the best hospitality and treat them like human beings. You don’t treat visitors the way we get treated here and you should all be ashamed. We did not deserve to lose, the officials caused us to lose,” the coach concluded.


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