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Jira Bosho Confident Partnership with Israel FA will Boost Football Development

The president of Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) Isayas Jira Bosho says the partnership with Israel Football Association (IFA) will promote football development in the country in all aspects.

The country’s football governing body on June 17 confirmed that it has reached an agreement with IFA, in a deal that provides technical assistance to Ethiopia in a bid to develop the game to reach higher heights.

Speaking after his arrival in Addis Ababa, Bosho has emphasized that the pact will go a long way to assist in football development.

“I am happy that we signed the partnership with the Israel FA because this will help us improve several aspects and also organize several international friendly matches. This will greatly help Ethiopia,” said Bosho in an interview with Cecafa portal.

The agreement also provides for the use of sports facilities in both countries to help in the preparation of national teams in all stages from the youth sides to the first team.

The possibility of friendly matches between all of national teams of both countries as well as club sides seeking different training environment for pre-season or mid-season preparation was also embedded in the contract.

Coaches, referees and administrators will also be involved in the agreement as both countries will exchange their experiences to mutual benefit.


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