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“I’m the most hated figure,” Says Angry Senegalese Wrestler, Lac de Guier II.

Senegalese wrestler Lac de Guier II says he’s ‘the most hated figure’ in the Senegalese arena.
Lac’s comment follows his bout against Modou Lo, claiming the arbiters conspired against him to declare his opponent winner.
The Guediawaye-based star bit the dust on grounds of warnings and had over seven million CFA of his money deducted by the wrestling federation – the largest sum ever to be subtracted from a wrestler’s price money.
The decision by the federation, slammed as highhanded by pundits, has irked Lac whose manager confronted the body’s bosses crying foul play.
[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”CNGL (the federation) deducted seven millions CFA of my hard earned money for no reason. It was not based on any regulation. My manager spoke to the CNGL and they couldn’t give any proper explanation. They claim I violated rules during last Sunday’s combat,”[/perfectpullquote]

he said speaking for the first time since the bout.
On the three warnings (3-1) he incurred, two were for going out of the circle twice under pressure. Lac also said, “They (the referees) just wanted to declare Modou winner. The whole of Senegal saw what happened. It was like a conspiracy. I am the most hated figure in the arena.”
“I wasn’t wounded,” he continued, regarding the arbiter’s insistence that he was attended to by medics after Modou Lo’s punch appeared to hit his lips in the 15th minute of the clash.
“It was unfair from the build-up to the fight to the finish line. I was forced to pass through the path that my opponent Modou Lo had poured juju waters.

“It was the referee’s decision to declare him winner. I’m not speaking out of jealousy and it concerns him alone. I’m apologizing to all my supporters, I feel their pain,” he brooded.
Last Sunday’s game was Lac’s second loss in his career since joining the sport in 2009.

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