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George Weah, the Hope of Liberian Football


It’s been a long time coming since soccer legend George Weah began his political sojourn in his quest to become president of Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia.

Weah’s ambition to lead the West African nation and the hopes of majority members of the younger generation was delayed as the soccer legend had to wait for 12 years after missing out in 2005 as Presidential candidate and 2011 as Vice Presidential candidate.

However, Weah dogged the bullet. He kept the hope alive. On December 29, 2017, the former FIFI Ballon d’ Or winner was officially declared Liberia’s 25th president-elect.

According to the president of the Liberia Football Association, Musa Hassan Bility, “the best time in Liberian football is about to come,” as Liberia now has a president-elect who came to the spotlight through football.

The LFA president further stated that “if football doesn’t develop in the next six years, than it will never develop again.”

The sporting sector received low budgetary allotment and Liberia’s previous status as a shining star for Liberians continues to fade away due to the team’s dismal performance in international competitions over the years.

Despite these challenges, there has been a steady growth of youth football across Liberia’s most populated county, Montserrado. Youth football tournaments are being hosted on the monthly basic with the talented kids showing eagerness to explore their talents on the pitch.

In 2016 during his second year as senator, a multinational group of companies, Diya, announced a long term global partnership with the Liberian football legend through which global football academies would be established to help assist youth in both impoverished and emerging nations.

As an athlete who utilized every opportunity he had in world football to become a motivation for African football athletes and a global football icon, it is now the hope and of the many aspiring sports talents, especially football talents to see the Liberian sporting sector improve in the next six years.

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