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Gambia’s Junior Karanta Fatty Talks to Ducor Sports Ahead of Short Notice Weekend Fight in Paris

MMA Factory will be the tournament and French capital Paris the place, this Saturday with thousands expected to attend as one Gambian, Junior Karanta Fatty sets out to unleash his verve hoping to win over hearts and minds against Soufiane Boukichou.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I’m an explosive fighter when I drill, it becomes hectic!”[/perfectpullquote]

Fatty warned.

Fatty will be out to unleash his verve hoping to win over hearts and minds. To do that, he must defeat in the time allocated, the Frenchman who will have the home crowd advantage over the Gambian.

Fatty would have allowed 2017 to pass on quietly and prepare for the Cage Warriors February next year after his last fight in September. However, he had a change of heart at the announcement of the MMA Factory tournament in France.

While having his sights on the staked prize, he also hopes to build a reputation for himself before 2018 anticipated MMA main event to add to his records.

Saturday’s fight against Boukichou has left pundits worrying that it comes too soon as Fatty has only a couple of weeks to ready up against a fellow heavyweight prospect. But the Gambian appears unfazed by this.

“I agreed to this fight three weeks ago as I was scheduled to fight in February at the Cage warrior. I said to myself that I had to take every opportunity that I can get to build my record.

“This sport is not just about training it’s about will and I have been doing this since I was young. When you have been training for a long time it doesn’t take long to get in shape. Besides, I just fought 2 months ago. There are some people who have won championships in two weeks’ notice,” he told Ducor Sports from Paris.

September’s duel against Adel Ghaddou was his first in as many years, fighting as the underdog but his spanking of Adel in nine seconds, had thousands of fans in attendance gobsmacked.

The feat –classified as one of the fastest knockouts –will have Fatty’s opponent of the night, Boukichou thinking his adversary is no longer a working progress.

He repeatedly makes particular mention of his opponent’s height during the interview, signaling the smallest of details remain paramount to this towering figure styling himself as The Mandinka Warrior.

“I prepare differently for all opponents. My opponent is tall like me and has a different physique than my last opponent (Addel Ghaddou). But I always strive after knocking people out. I know he (Boukichou) has a record of two wins and two losses and he is a tall French guy that likes to strike too,” Fatty added.

Palais des Sports, an indoor arena boasting 4,500 seats –the largest there is of arenas in the French capital -will be hosting the enormous night.

Renamed as the 9th edition of the Gladiator Fighting Arena, the Fatty – Boukichou tussle is among ten bouts being arranged for the weekend.

Born in Gothenburg Sweden, to a Norwegian mother and a Gambian father, the undefeated star doesn’t shy away from talking tough. Gone are the days when back-breaking and intense workouts took up his training schedule days going into a fight but with forty-eight hours to the fight, the mantra in his heart is ‘working smarter not harder’.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I’ve been in Paris for one week and working on strategies. I’m an explosive fighter naturally so when I drill, it becomes hectic automatically. It has been a great week here in Paris and now when I’m so close to the fight I can only work smarter not harder.”[/perfectpullquote]

Quizzed on his expectations of the fight, the Swedish former National Championship winner said, “I expect to win. Yet again I don’t like to be cocky I like to respect all fighters but I would like to respect myself even more. That said, I believe I will win. I’m always confident because without it I can’t compete.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I believe in humbleness that is my key. By saying how sure I am if I’m going to win is not going to change anything. I still got to go in there and compete. A silent man is a dangerous man.”[/perfectpullquote]



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