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Gambia’s John Gomez, ‘I’m proof that Africans can do Strength Wars’

Gambia’s two-time Strongest Man winner John Gomez believes he is proof that Africans can perform in Strength Wars battles.

Currently the only African in the sport, Gomez recently beat the highly rated Dragon Slayer prior to beating another popular German-American star Karl Ess and losing only once to Romania’s Daniel Gildner in a total of three career challenges.



Strength Wars involves lifting various kinds of heavyweights in a given period of time with lucrative prizes on offer.

The 27-year-old came from nowhere to upstage Ess in what was a debut win last year, consequently sending shock waves around the league and forcing many to keep tabs on the African.

A loss in his second duel to Gildner raised doubts over his capabilities in the sport but a change of heart towards the Gambian’s potential quickly followed after coming back to produce a resounding win over Slayer last month. This, Gomez says, is enough evidence that Africans can grind it too in the Strength Wars League.

“I’m a proud African, a Gambian to be precise. So it’s a great feeling for me when they address me as the man from Africa or Gambia,” he says.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Despite the fact that most people think that Africans can’t do well in such competitions, I worked so hard to prove them wrong each and every time I step onto the stage. So I’m evidence that we (Africans) can do it and prove them wrong.”[/perfectpullquote]



Last month’s competition, sponsored by Gigantic Nutrition, required the Gambian to lift Farmers Walk 240kg/530lbs, Farmers hold 240kg / 530lbs 30 seconds, Giant dumbbell one-arm 50kg / 110lbs 10 reps, Dips 30kg / 66 lbs 10 reps, Slam ball over shoulder 60kg / 132lbs 10 reps, and squat with 180kg / 396lbs ten times which the Serrekunda-born did in under nine minutes to finish top.

Reacting to his win, Gomez told Ducor Sports from Germany, [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“It’s great for me after losing to Daniel Gildner. Well, that was hard but the defeat played a very important role in my last encounter because it was due to that defeat that I was able to know my weaknesses. So I feel on top with my victory.”[/perfectpullquote]



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