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FIFA Threatens To Sanction Kenya

Football’s world governing body FIFA has threatened to suspend Kenya from competition because of an alleged contravention of its rules on political interference.

FIFA Chief Member of Associations Officer Kenny Jean-Marie wrote to Football Kenya Federation (FKF) secretary general Barry Otieno and called the country’s sports minister Amina Mohammed to reconsider decision to disband Football Kenya Federation (FKF), which he said called into question country’s football body independence.

On Thursday the government appointed a fifteen-member caretaker committee to manage the game on an interim basis.

“In case we consider the aforementioned decision by the Cabinet Secretary to appoint an FKF Caretaker Committee in lieu of the elected FKF Executive Committee is undoubtedly contrary to the above principles,” the letter reads in part.

“Should this be considered as undue government interference in the international affairs of the FKF, it could lead to a ban imposed on the FKF by the competent FIFA body.

“In such a case, all of Kenyan football would suffer the consequences, and not just the individuals directly involved in the undue interference, in actuality, it is up to FIFA alone, on the basis of serious and well-founded information as well as under exceptional circumstances, to order the dismissal of executive bodies of member associations followed by the appointment of a normalization committee.

“Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform the Cabinet Secretary that in the event her decision to appoint an FKF Caretaker Committee and the correlated secretariat was to upheld, we would have no other choice than to submit the present matter to the Bureau of FIFA Council for consideration and decision.”

However, the letter from FIFA said they are ready to mediate an impasse between Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed and FKF officials, led by Nick Mwendwa.

“Finally, and as referred to in the Cabinet Secretary’s letter of October 18, 2021, we would like to emphasise our willingness to hold a meeting with the FKF and the Ministry of Sports as soon as possible so as to address any concerns both sides may have and, altogether, to decide on a way forward for Kenyan football.”

There was no immediate response from the sports ministry when contacted by Ducor Sports.



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