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FIFA Takes Control Of Chad’s FA

World football governing body FIFA has appointed a normalisation committee to take charge of Chad’s Football Federation (FTFA).

The decision to intervene in the Central African nation was taken in order to oversee elections to appoint new executive committees for the national association.

The intervention of FIFA comes after a suspension from international football, which was imposed because of governmental interference in the game was lifted in October.

According to a statement released by FIFA on Monday, a joint FIFA-CAF mission had been deployed to N’Djamena in order to follow up on the ongoing discussions with the FTFA and the Chadian government.

The mission observed the inability of local governing bodies to carry out an electoral process in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to all FIFA member associations as well as taking into account the shortcomings of the FTFA Statutes.

The FIFA normalisation committee will be charged with running the daily affairs of FTFA, drafting new statutes and conducting elections to form a new FTFA executive committee.

The joint FIFA and Confederation of African Football (CAF) delegation’s remit is not expected to extend beyond 15 November 2022.

The Chadian government had withdrawn FTFA powers in December 2020 where it forbid it from participating in the various international meetings and to organizing or participating in any other national or international competition or event on behalf of the nation.

However, the government restored FTFA powers in October leading to FIFA uplifting the suctions that it had placed on the nation.

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