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Family of FIFA Medical Officer Seeks Compensation

The family of a FIFA medical officer who died in March while on duty at the World Cup qualifier between Ghana and Nigeria is now seeking compensation from the world football governing body.

Joseph Kabungo is said to have died after collapsing as he was walking to a doping room with some players and officials at the Abiola Stadium in Abuja, Nigeria after the football match.

The deceased’s family representative Webster Nonde said they have never rested easy as his demise threw them into disarray and suffering.

“We need a fair compensation because Dr Kabungo desired to provide for his family, to see his family graduate through the various stages of life…to allow the children to go through their education unhindered,” Nonde said.

Some media reports from Nigeria allege that Dr. Kabungo was beaten and stamped on by irate fans at the stadium and died on arrival at the hospital.

“We are demanding that Caf and Fifa give us complete footage showing Dr Kabungo in the stadium all the way to the point where it is claimed that he collapsed near the visiting team, Ghana, changing room…it is a very vital piece of information to help us in mourning and help us have closure in this matter that has affected us,” Nonde added.

“They need to institute a proper inquest which should investigate thoroughly so that the real events that culminated in the death of our dear loved one are brought to the fore.”

Kabungo was a permanent fixture at major footballing events, with the Zambian attending the recent FIFA Arab Cup in Qatar and the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

He was a key member of support staff for Zambia when they won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2012.


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