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Controversy as One of Namibia’s Popular Sports Fields Leased to a Former Football Star

Khomasdal Sports Field in Namibia has long been in need of an upgrade but it turned out that the City of Windhoek (CoW) instead, sanctioned a proposal to lease out the deteriorating stadium.

Located in Katutura, a township of Windhoek, the facility which houses two football fields, three netball courts – serving as basketball courts, cloak rooms and cafeteria, was in contract conveyed for a period of three years to former Brave Warriors and Hamburg FC footballer, Colin Benjamin.

Also known as ‘Collymore’, the most decorated and successful Namibian and former professional footballer plans to use the facilities to realize his dream of a maiden football school on home soil, according to reports.

Benjamin who hails from Katutura, spent his football career in Germany, playing in the Bundesliga for Hamburg but quit a promising coaching career at the beginning of 2016, to embark on a mission to develop sports back at home.

Upon his return Benjamin said, [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”I was an assistant coach at 1860 Munich and I had a good salary, but I decided to come home because I want to help someone else to follow their dream.”[/perfectpullquote]

He added, “I’ve been there and know what is needed to succeed at the highest level – we just have to get a football center here in Namibia to help the youth to succeed in Europe.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It’s going to be difficult and I have to identify young boys to work with, but I’m determined to start the center.”[/perfectpullquote]

But now that Benjamin’s dream has taken the first step, to Khomasdal residents, the stadium is more than just a place for games. It is also grounds for social and community welfare events as well as home to a number of Namibia’s top professional football clubs, including Orlando Pirates, tigers, Civics, African Stars and Black Africa.


Colin Benjamin plans for a football school kick-off with criticism. (Sky Sports)

According to New Era, any positive embrace is overshadowed by strong beliefs that “such a move would disenfranchise them (Khomasdal residents) of their social and recreational activities”.

“That field belongs to the Khomasdal community – CoW are just mere custodians of the facility and have no business disposing of the field in such a weird manner without consultation with the affected community. Leasing the field for private usage could have potentially far-reaching repercussions,” Dean Willemse, a former footballer turned businessman said worryingly.

In 2009, a Namibian media outlet – the Namibian, in a report labeled the Khomasdal Stadium “a ticking time bomb”. The report criticized the safety, incapacity, lack of facilities and deteriorating conditions of the stadium.

However, this will not deter the deep-rooted community members whose sports field complex, is popular for soccer and other community-held games. Bobby Sissing is “Namibia’s football guru” and he too was in disapproval of the decision which according to New Era “he (Sissing) vowed to fight, even if he would be obliged to use his own resources”.

“Not over my dead body – that would never happen, certainly not in my lifetime, even if I have to go to the head of state. That’s a community project and should just stay as such,” said Sissing.


Featured Photo: Khomasdal Sports Field has been leased to a former Namibian star footballer. (New Era)

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