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Carlos Teixeira Withdraws From Guinea-Bissau FA Presidential Race

Former Estrela Negra de Bissau chairman Carlos Mendes Teixeira has withdrawn from the Guinea FA presidential race.

Although he was seen as a perfect candidate to challenge the Guinea-Bissau Football Association president Manuel Nascimento Lopes at the FFGB presidential elections, former Estrela Negra de Bissau chairman Carlos Mendes Teixeira has withdrawn from the race.

Teixeria stunned delegates when he announced the decision in a press conference held at a Bissau Hotel on Monday following a meeting with Lopes on Sunday evening.

In the wake of the midnight meeting, former Benin FA president Anjorin Moucharafou was reported to have brokered the agreement between the two parties contesting the upcoming FFGB presidential elections.

“I  have made this decision to support the re-election of the outgoing president, together with the board of my candidacy, for the good of Guinea-Bissau football and most especially for the interest of national clubs “,  said Carlos Mendes Teixeira.

On the occasion, Teixeira announced that there are several negotiations with the remaining candidates to merge to elect a candidate to face Manuel, but they are unlikely to reach consensus due to greed for power.

FFGB congress is scheduled to take place in Bissau on July 25 and Teixeria’s withdrawal leaves the race down to six candidates for federation presidential elections.

The candidates are incumbent Manuel Nascimento Lopes, Benelivio Cabral Nancassa Insali, Fernado Domingos Tarves, Mutaro Barri and Paulo Mendonca.

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