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Angry MC Alger Coach Ready to Walk Away after Latest Loss

MC Alger coach ready to walk away after the loss to rival MC Oran.

Former Algeria international Rafik Saifi let off steam over the weekend after his MC Alger outfit bit the dust to MC Oran in a domestic league rivalry.

Saifi ended up a disenchanted man in the aftermath of the closely fought 4-3 loss in a seven-goal-thriller clash that has seen both outfits leveled on points.

Exasperated at how events unfolded leading to Alger conceding a second defeat in the new Algerian league season, the 43-year-old did not hold back in his post-match press conference rage, insisting he’s ready to walk away if need be.

“There are people who have sown discord and who love Mouloudia only when they are on the team. They divided the players, the technical staff, the club management, and even Sonatrach. If I had created the slightest glitch and if I am the problem, I’m ready to go,” he said, refusing to give leads as to who the comments were directed to.

The erstwhile Ajaccio playmaker also vented his frustration over the game’s refereeing, saying Alger would have snatched at least a point if not for the arbiter’s decision to overlook their two penalty appeals.

“The players met face to face at half-time and decided to react in the second half with all their strength to defend their reputation because recording a second heavy defeat in a row will hurt them. I think they were successful in their mission, they could have come back with a point, if not for the referee.”

“The referee destroyed us by depriving us of two penalties. It is true that we were not in place in the first half of the game, but we later recovered by incorporating Bourdim instead of Hachi. I think the referee has deprived us of a penalty, and a second that we can judge from the images of the television. ”

“The referee has destroyed us and I do not understand these referees who influence their decisions on the fate of a meeting. I can only tell you that I rely on God.”

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