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FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

After Eagles’ World Cup Exit: Nigerians Accuse Referee of Cheating

Turkish arbiter Cakir’s decision to deny the Super Eagles a second penalty had Nigerians going ballistic.

Turkish arbiter Cakir may perhaps never consider visiting Abuja any time soon after his decision to deny the Super Eagles a second penalty had Nigerians going ballistic.

Many took to social media to vent spleen.

Promise Kanu a Nigerian fan wrote: “I said it early, that the whites will not allow Africans go far. Nigeria got a second penalty they didn’t allow it but if it were another European country they will blow it. Well Nigerian players tried.”

Amanoh James Xgate, another Super Eagles follower, posed a rhetorical question regarding the penalty before slamming Argentina’s win as “hollow”.

nigerian-fans2“Why was the clear handball not given as a penalty? This Argentina victory is hollow. It goes to show once again that the “favourite” teams are given all the help needed to move ahead. Eventually this type of refereeing will adversely affect the quality of football played.”

Rapheal Tunde Balogun further said: “Nigeria was technically knocked out by Fifa agents when it was denied the second penalty. It was an open robbery to favor Argentina.”

Franklyn Okonkwo was more boisterous stating: “Africans must come together now or never and withdraw from this Mundial (World Cup). This is the height of injustice. If FIFA do not replay this match Africans must say NO to Qatar 2022.This one is too much.”

And finally Emmah Pembedzo blasted: “FIFA all they know is cheating on African countries. Why they don’t blow that penalty it was clear….. anyway well done Nigeria.”

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