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Olympique Marseille Terminates Patrice Evra Contract, And UEFA Has Also Banned Evra For the Remainder of the Season


Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the Chairman of Olympique de Marseille added:

” Today we are sad. First of all, for Patrice Evra who has obviously suffered all the consequences of his action and can no longer play a part in his passion for Olympique de Marseille. Then for Marseille’s supporters who have been stigmatized by the irresponsible behavior of a few of their members. And finally, for the club itself, whose reputation is stained, even though it had made the exemplary behavior of everyone one of the cornerstones of its relaunch. Despite this incident, we are more determined than ever to show on the pitch and off that we are motivated by the highest possible standards, both individually and collectively.”


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