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For African sports fans living in Africa or abroad, Ducor Sports
provides real-time access to the latest sports news, events, and
other happenings of interest. Unlike other sports networks in
Africa focused on a single sport, we cover all of Africa’s favorite

Ducor Sports Digital Sports Network

Africa is home to some of the world’s finest athletes, yet sports coverage has been notoriously absent across the African
continent. Sports are a continental passion in Africa, yet sports coverage is minimal. ESPN International no longer has a
presence in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, and Israel.


Though sports coverage is better in South Africa, it’s been accused of being lopsided for largely ignoring the contributions
of female athletes. Ducor Sports is filling the void with its real-time digital sports network.

Ducor Sports Founded.
August 2016 – Rio Olympics
Launched Website
August 5, 2016
As of September 2022,
we have:
* Expanded team to 9 full-time
sports writers
* Added 2 YouTube broadcasters
* 403,220 Facebook followers
* 8,030 Twitter followers
* Africa’s fastest growing media
outlet among young Africans

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