Retired wrestlers Yekini and Mohamed Ndao Tyson have been given positions at the Senegalese Wrestling Organising Committee.

Talk of the duo making their way into the sport overseeing body has long been on the cards to aid in efforts to enhance the popular sport more.

They join the organization following renewed calls for an overhaul of the rules in the wake of growing concerns over the executives' high deductions of wrestlers prize money.

tyson-yekini2Their roles in the CNG have not been vividly explained but it’s believed they would be assisting with their expertise having once been wrestlers themselves.

Yekini retired two seasons ago after losing to Lac de Guir II in what was his second defeat in an explosive career.

He lost the King of Arena crown to Balla Gaye II in 2012 before taking a two-year sabbatical from the arena and returning in 2016, the same year he retired due to a persistent knee problem.

Credited for the transformation of the sport into a multi-million dollar discipline, Tyson – an erstwhile arena king - shut the curtain on his career in 2015 when he lost to Gris Bordeaux.

The two even met twice in their peak with Yekini emerging winner on each occasion.

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